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 Manx Cats - Pictures
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Manx Cats - Health

Manx Cats are very slow to mature and only reach the full size at about 5 years of age. It is a relatively healthy breed. A special medical problem for Manx Cats is Manx Syndrome, caused by the Manx gene. It shortens the spine that may result in severe spinal defects - a gap in the last few vertebrae, fused vertebrae, or spinal bifida. The difficulties show up in the first month and cause extreme difficulty in walking, so breeders shouldn't let the kittens leave the cattery before the age of 4 months. Manx Syndrome is more likely when rumpies breed to rumpies in the third generation. Although called the Manx Syndrome, this array of problems is know to occur in other breeds of cats.

Manx litters are small in numbers (3-4 kittens), both because of Manx Syndrome and because of the short back of the queen, which leaves little room for kittens. Most breeders dock the tails of kittens at 4-5 days of age, because in adult cats the tail vertebrae may become ossified and arthritic resulting great pain, again thanks to Manx gene.

Manx Cats - Rescues

Manx Cats are very difficult to breed. That includes a great probability that the kitten may suffer of Manx Syndrome. At a young age little problems occur, but at the age of 5 years the more serious hereditary diseases may develop. Many owners don't want to spend time and money on their pets. So, they bring the abandoned animals to rescue organizations. So think twice before buying Manx Cats.

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 Manx Cats - Pictures
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 Manx Cats - Pictures
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