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 Manx Cats - Pictures
Picture source:
Caarjyn Manx © 2001
Cheri Bost

Manx Cats - Colors

Manx Cats come in every color and pattern, only the pointed, Himalayan pattern isn't accepted. The most widespread are classic and mackerel tabby Manx, tortoiseshell, calico and any solid colors, bi-color, and spotted. The color possibilities of Manx Cats cover the range of red, blue, cream, brown, black, and white.

Weight: 10-12 lbs for males, 8-10 lbs for females.
Life Span: up to 20 years.

Manx Cats - History

Manx Cats originated from the Isle of Man about 300 years ago. There exist many legends of their origin. Some say that Manx Cats are refuges from the Spanish Armada, or other ships. Others say the Manx descended from Siam and Malaya, where cats have kinked tails. Welsh people considered tailless cats sacred in early times. The earliest reference to the Manx is to those cats owned by the painter Joseph Turner.

The scientists think that the lack of a tail is caused by a spontaneous mutation. All cat breeds occasionally produce kittens with a missing tail. But, only in the Manx Cat, due to the isolation from outside breeding, has the taillessness become a common characteristic. Many ships with cats aboard docked on the Isle, so it's impossible to date back to the origin of the Manx Cat. It's only obvious that both longhair and shorthair were represented in the mutation. Careful breeding programs increased the size of the Manx Cats and made them broad chested and stocky.
 Manx Cats - Pictures
Picture source:
Caarjyn Manx © 2001
Cheri Bost

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 Manx Cats - Pictures
Picture source:
Miribu Cattery © 2000-2002

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 Manx Cats - Pictures
Picture source:
Miribu Cattery © 2000-2002

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